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Our personal mission is to preserve this built heritage and to ensure Castlecor House is there for future generations.

We know this house offers an interesting and enjoyable place to live and work.

As owners who have purchased and made Castlecor their home, we are greatly aware too of the costs involved in the maintenance and restoration of the building and grounds.  Since 2009 we financed this with our own personal resources and to make this sustainable we opened the property in Summer 2018 offering accommodation and tours reaching out to our local audience and the greater national and international audience. 

Visitors to the house contribute to preserving this heritage space experience the wow of this enchanting house.

Our immediate endeavours are to the ongoing restoration and conservation of the fabric of the building in returning this grand mansion to its former glory.  In so doing, we hope to grow the business adding further accommodation and to host more bespoke group-focused events that align with the ethos of the house, in respect of its historical and architectural charm.

The boutique nature of Castlecor House and and its grounds, makes it an interesting backdrop as a venue for niche group events; this is an area we hope to develop and pilot going into the future.

Located in the centre of Ireland and with good road infrastructure predisposes Castlecor to be a very accessible and ideal space as venue for people to come together.

The Demesne of Castlecor offers a rich natural flora and fauna from its overgrown Victorian walled garden with pond and heritage orchard to the ancient Castlecore Motte Ruins and native woodland.

In the coming years, we hope to build partnerships that will contribute to the continuous improvement of the house and demesne and help in informing the public we are here and are interested in people visiting.

It is really important to us, that the visitor and audience to Castlecor feels a connection with the house and appreciates its wonders and unique attributes.

We continuously renovate, research and pour all our energy into Castlecor. The house is large and together with the surrounding 12 acres requires much maintenance & restoration.
Whilst challenging and a labour of love, it is a real privilege to live in such a historical mansion.


Enjoy Ireland's Hidden Heartlands with us